Idea of EAF Faculties Matriculation Staff Matriculation fees

Please sent the applications should to:

Schulstrasse 3
D-71287 Weissach

fax: ++49/7044 930153
tel ++49/7044 9314819, ++49/7044 930124, ++49/7044 930153

Only persons with a university training able to submit one of the following degree certificates will be admitted to the course:

•  Masters degree
•  MBA
•  Polish licenciate
•  Persons who have completed the third year of a Masters degree course with an average Polish grade of 4 (good) or above

Additional requirements:

•  Spoken and written knowledge of a second European language, e.g. English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.
•  Access to a PC with the following system requirements or higher:

Processor: Pentium 100 MHz
Hard disk 1.2 GB
Graphics card 2 MB
CD drive
Possible operating systems : MS Windows (3.11; 95; 98; NT or 2000)

•  All course participants should have access to the Internet.