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Our professors and lecturers provide Polish managers both with the benefit of their own experience gained in Poland and other CEE countries and with know-how acquired from the international activities of the following institutions:

•  Gesellschaft für internationale wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit Baden Württemberg GmbH, GWZ Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg Agency for International Economic Co-operation)
•  Investment banks in the federal German state of Baden-Württemberg
•  EUROPA Bank AG Luxembourg (European Union aid programmes)
•  Co-ordinating Bureaus for Joint Venture (JOP) and Leonardo da Vinci programmes in Brussels , Berlin , London and Warsaw
•  The Federal German government agency for the promotion of new technologies, GTZ (Agency for Technical Co-operation) Protrade Frankfurt/Eschborn
•  Bundesverband Polnischer Ingenieure in Deutschland e.V. (Federal Association of Polish Engineers in Germany ) in Berlin
•  unconventional, statutory possibilities of gaining access to the German labour market ( parallel to the "green card" proposed by the Federal German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder);
•  professional personnel marketing for executive staff in the EU;
•  regulations for optimising economic activity (with special reference to founding Polish enterprises) in Germany and in other European countries;
•  fiscal legislation with special reference to minimising the tax burden;
•  regulations governing capital transfer and global outplacing.

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